Rectorate Authorities

Nikolaos Papaioannou
Tel.: +30 2310 996703, -6715, -6728

Dimitrios S. Koveos
Vice Rector for Academic & Student Affairs
Tel.: +30 2310 996726, -6709

Haralambos Feidas
Vice Rector for Finance, Planning & Development
Tel.: +30 2310 996711, -6716

Andreas Giannakoudakis
Vice Rector for Administrative Affairs
Tel.: +30 2310 996712, -6713

Efstratios Stylianidis
Vice Rector for Research and Education
Tel.: +30 2310 996826, -6848, -5140


Faculty Administration

The administrative bodies of the Faculty of Theology are the General Assembly of the Faculty as as well as the Deanery.

The General Assembly of the Faculty comprises of  the members of the Assemblies of both Schools of the Faculty.

The Deanery comprises of:

The Dean, Prof. Chrysostomos Stamoulis (

Τhe Head of the School of Theology, Assoc. Prof. Nikolaos Maghioros (

The Head of the School of Social Theology and Christian Culture, Prof. Konstantinos Chrestou (

Deanery Secretary: Eumorfia Makedonopoulou (

Website of the Deanery